Topsy Turvy Temperatures

ThermometerIt’s the middle of winter. In fact, there’s snow falling outside.  And yet I find myself wearing summer clothes all year round.

The reason? Excessive heating wherever you go.

My office is boiling from October to March. I walk to work snuggled up in lovely warm winter walking gear.  As soon as I arrive I have to change into summer clothes: light, short sleeve blouses, no jumper.  And then I open the window because I’m still too hot.

It was just as bad when I commuted by train. You needed to wear really warm clothes for waiting on cold, windy station platforms, then as soon as you got on the train you stripped down to your T-shirt because it was so hot.

If I’m going to the cinema or out to a restaurant I know to wear light clothes because indoors it will be like an oven. But that means as I make my way to the venue in temperatures close to freezing, I’m shivering.  No wonder we all get ill at this time of year.

The temperature at work at the moment is around 23°. That’s a warm summer day in my book.

But in summer the situation is reversed!  When I lived in Japan I remember a friend complaining that it was too cold in her office in mid-summer because the air conditioning was on so high.  It was 37° outside, but she had to remember to take a jacket to work otherwise she’d freeze at her desk.

So we’re using massive amounts of energy to keep the indoor temperature about the same all year round.  But I want to feel the seasons!  All this artificial heat just makes me feel sluggish and dry.

There’s a much simpler way to stay warm in winter instead of turning up the heating full blast: wear warm clothes!

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