ChiBall Class Reprieve

Lots of smiley ballsI started this blog saying that our ChiBall class in Canterbury was under threat.  We’ve had some news.

The good news is that the class will continue.  But our slot in the studio will still become BodyBalance.  The ChiBall class will be moved out of the studio and into a small ‘party’ room.

On the one hand I’m relieved that the class is at least continuing.  On the other, this new room only holds 8 participants. We regularly get 8 people in the class, so we loyal members will have to book in advance to ensure we get a place.

ShhThe gym has never promoted the class.  Nobody knows it exists.  And ironically now I don’t want them to – if anyone else comes there’ll be no room!

So yes, there is a Chi Ball class in Canterbury and it’s brilliant.  But shh…don’t tell anyone.


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