The Advantages of Exercising at Home

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Last year I was recommended to try InstructorLive .  It’s a health and fitness website with over 1,000 online fitness classes available and it’s adding more all the time.

In the past I’ve struggled to exercise at home.  You’d have to buy or borrow fitness DVDs, you’d soon get bored and I always felt a bit self-conscious doing them.  And as I’ve always been a member of a gym, I’ve never really needed to.

Here are some of the advantages I found from using Instructor Live:

  1. No fixed timetable
    You don’t have to stick to what the gym offers on a certain day or time.  The classes are ‘on demand’ so you do what you want, when you want, depending on how you feel.
  2. Variety
    There’s a wide variety of classes so you’re bound to find something that suits you: from traditional aerobics and step, to dance, boxing, weights, HIIT, yoga, pilates and meditation.  The classes are usually part of a series, so once you’ve found something you like you can follow it for 8-10 sessions.
  3. Novelty
    You can try something completely new without fear of failure or looking stupid and without signing up for a full course. I tried belly dancing, kettlebells and ballet fitness classes for the first time.  And I also started doing yoga – I would never have tried a full yoga class at the gym.
  4. Time Saving
    It takes me 20 minutes by car just to get to the gym, so there and back is 40 minutes in good traffic. In that time I could have had a workout at home.  The classes range from 10 – 60 minutes, so if you’re stuck for time you can still fit something in.  And of course, you can stop if you need to.
  5. You control the volume
    Annoyingly loud? Turn it down.  Loving the music?  Turn it up.  You’re in control.
  6. No one’s watching
    It can be quite disconcerting and off-putting going to a new class where everyone else knows what they’re doing. At home you can make mistakes, stop, rewind, re-take the class or just give up if you’re not enjoying it.
  7. No crowd
    If you’ve ever been stuck at the back of a crowded fitness class you’ll know the problem.  You can hardly move without bumping into someone and you can’t see the instructor.  Not an issue at home!
  8. Fewer germs
    Gyms are unhealthy places. There are a lot of people in a small space with often poor ventilation.  At home you’re less likely to catch something nasty and you can open the window!
  9. It’s cheaper!
    It costs from £6-£10 a month and unlike most gyms you don’t have to sign up for a year’s contract.

I should say there are other providers and the Instructor Live website itself has some issues. And of course, the one class I can’t do at home is water-based aqua aerobics.

Many people will say that there’s nothing like attending a class in person to keep you motivated.  And people go to classes for social reasons too.  But if it’s fitness classes you’re after, you’re pretty well-served online.

As a taster, and as it’s that time of year, try this Christmas party workout.


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